What Audience Members Are Saying

“Every time I have attended Celebrating Songwriters I’ve left with a smile and satisfaction.  I must say last night’s concert was delightful!!!!  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience such wealth of talent!!!!!!!!!!    4/21/12

“I really enjoyed the performances last night. Every now and then I will hear and like some new-to-me song and then discover that the song has been out for years and the artist has been around for years, and I wonder what tree I was asleep under while all this was happening. I have that feeling now about the Celebrating Songwriters series…where have I been?  4/21/12

“We enjoyed last night’s show. One of our favorites ever!  Thank you as always for inventing, hosting, and being Celebrating Songwriters.”   4/21/12

“If life were as it should be. We would gather and listen to people sing, in our living room every night, over coffee, tea, wine, cookies.  Not like a thousand people (or 40,000) in a pavilion where you can’t see, hoping the music is as good as some remembered recording, but just an intimate group witnessing really beautiful tune-smithing, serendipitous unplugged picking, heartfelt sharing of lyrics you can not only hear, but feel, laughter, banter, talent, music.  This singer/songwriter thing totally hits that chord.  I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be.  Thanks so much!”

“I always cry at your shows because the songs are so heartfelt and true!”

“Such an amazing amount of talent! Thank you, thank you!”

“This is so much fun! Keep ’em coming!”

“I’ve been to 3 shows and always have my heart opened and cleansed. Thank you!”

“My first time! I know other folks who would really enjoy this, you will need more chairs.”

“Totally charming and heartwarming. I’ll be back for more!”

“Great show with lots of nice variety!”

“Celebrating Songwriters was one of the most interesting and exciting and happy events we’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to attend. Three acts, all with great voices, supplied their own wonderful guitar accompaniments and one by one introduced and performed their unique songs. We hope we get another opportunity soon to see and listen to such wonderful performances, close and comfortable.”

“Listening to your voice — grit, soul, angel, heart — and the range of emotions you power out at your audience.. you found every which way to turn melody into a five-course meal. Many of us can sing a song…but you have the gift of nuancing every note and syllable, so that the sound kind of gets into the gut and bones of your audience. The net-net effect is one of holding our collective breath and even skipping a heartbeat or two.” – audience member