Caren Armstrong has been hosting award winning Singer/Songwriters  at venues across the greater Bay Area for fifteen years.  We are delighted to announce our next event will be presented by The Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse!  One of the most esteemed listening venues in the Bay Area!  Artists play individually in the first set, and In the Round, Nashville style, in the second set. Join us for an evening of original acoustic music and “have your heart opened and your soul cleansed”.

“…an intimate group witnessing really beautiful tune-smithing, serendipitous  picking, heartfelt sharing of lyrics you can not only hear, but feel, laughter, banter, talent, music. This singer/songwriter thing totally hits that chord. I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be. Thanks so much!” – Audience member

“Celebrating Songwriters was one of the most interesting and exciting and happy events we’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to attend. Three acts, all with great voices, supplied their own wonderful guitar accompaniments and one by one introduced and performed their unique songs.” – Audience member


Andrew McKnight,  Audrey Auld, Austin Willacy, Blame Sally, Bob Cheevers, Brad Colerick, Buddy Mondlock, Calaveras, Caroline Aiken, Christopher Smith, Chuck Brodsky, Claudia Nygaard, Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan, Corinne West, Coyote Grace, Craig Carothers, Dana Cooper, Dana Hubbard, Daryl Purpose, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammar, David Gans, David Maloney, Don Conescenti, Doug Blumer, Evie Ladin, Garrin Benfield, Greg Newlon & Bev Barnett, Gypsy Soul, Hans York, Houston Jones, J.Byrd Hosch Trio, James Hurley. James Lee Stanley, Jason Mraz, Jessie Colin Young, Joel Rafael, John Batdorf, John Haley-Walker, Jolie Holland, Kate Wallace, Keith Greeninger, Kenny Edwards, Larry Murante, Michael McNevin, Michael Stadler, Misner & Smith, Nell Robinson & Jim Nunnaly, Ira Marlowe, Patrice Haan, Ray Bonneville, Richard Berman , Rick Didia & Aireene Espirtu, Robert Powell, Shawn Mullins, Steve Seskin, Stevie Coyle, Teresa Turdury, Tim Grimm, Tom Kimmell, Tom Prasada-Rao, Tony Marcus, Travis Jones, Walter Strauss, Steve Meckfessel